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Rendering Web Hosting Futile in Windows Server 2008


About 4-5 days ago, me and Cornel thought it would be a good idea to try out Windows Server 2008 beta 3 and while at it, install Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server (TFS 2008) beta 2. This is supposed to be 99% feature complete and the last version before RTM. Sounds promising. The next 2 days were spent obtaining the install kits for Windows Server 2008 beta 3, TFS 2008 and Visual Studio Team Suite 2008 beta 2. Before proceeding any further, I have to mention that I am not a sysadmin, but Ihave previously managed to install TFS 2005 with no difficulties.

Step 1: Installing Win Server 2008

After obtaining the installation kits and the product key (for Windows Server 2008) from the Microsoft website, the installation process was straightforward: burn image to DVD, backup one partition of the hard drive, format said partition, reboot from installation DVD, enter product key, choose destination and finally, wait for about 30 minutes until Windows installs. I have to acknowledge Microsoft's new achievements in making the installation time shorter.