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Creating a Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget

I think this post should begin with a few sayings: "Never say never", "When hell freezes over", "Once in a blue moon", "I would rather shoot myself", "Over my dead body", but the best suited one for this post comes from Ciprian Jichici, the Microsoft Regional Director from Romania: "In this line of business, there's no room for talibanisms".

I will be talking about developing Sidebar gadgets. These Sidebar gadgets are small applications that offer useful information, do frequent tasks more easily, or just offer a good laugh for the Windows Vista user. Until recently, I've been trying very hard to stay away from technologies like JavaScipt and PHP because it is my personal opinion that they fall miles away from a proper programming language (C#, VB.NET, C++). I won't go into the details of why I dislike these languages.

Microsoft launched a competition for Sidebar gadget developers with some very nice prizes. The competition takes place in several countries, including Romania. So, I decided to participate. The only problem is that the only fully supported programming model for developing Sidebar gadgets is HTML application + JavaScript.


Microsoft Student Partner

Yesterday┬áI received the invitation email to create an account on the MSP website. This means I got accepted in the program ­čśÇ It also means I have to keep up working on making Microsoft more accessible and easier to understand to students at my university and to anyone else who is willing to listen.

Wish me luck!

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Microsoft Community Bootcamp

Fantanita Haiducului


During 30.08.2007 and 02.09.2007 I attended the 4th edition of Microsoft's Comunity Bootcamp as a MSP wannabe. All members of the MSP and MVP programs from Microsoft were invited. In addition, several employees from Microsoft Romania were present there. The location for the event was the Fantanita Haiducului Inn (The Outlaw's Fountain) near Sibiu. Myself, Cornel and Adi shared a car (Cornel's) to get there.

We arrived 15 minutes before dinner, just enough time to check-in. The first thing we noticed was the excellent service from the hotel. At check-in, each of us received a gift bag from Microsoft containing a bootcamp T-shirt, a pc game from Microsoft Game Studios(Halo 2, Rise of Nations or Age of Empires 3), the Microsoft Academic Resource Kit, and the schedule for the 4 days spent there. During dinner we met some of the many people there(less than 5 out of about 80). We already knew the MSP's from MAP (Microsoft Academic Program) center of our university and spent most of the time talking to them.


Hello world! (V2)

I guess I am just starting to become a person since I just started my first blog. I created this blog at the recommendation of Tudor Salomie and Tudor Vlad. My main topics on this blog will be technology and programming.

Here are a few things to know about me: MANY people call me Cretz (all my friends, professors I have research projects with, my boss, etc.) even though my name is Ioan (John in English). I am a student in Computer Science at the Technical University of Cluj Napoca, Romania, expecting to graduate in 2009. I currently work at a company that develops solutions for securities firms based on Microsoft technology. My main interests are technology, 3D art and music (more on what kind of music I enjoy you will find in the about page).

This concludes my introductory statement and I hope to come back soon with another post.

PS. The post is in V2 because I previously had a blog on but I switched to a hosted blog, but could not manage to import the old blog.

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