In my last post I presented a online radio service that chooses playlists based on a mood setting. Since then I’ve also discovered a online radio service that lets you build your own playlists. It’s called finetune and it is free. The quality of the sound is better than that of musicovery, but not studio quality. There are some constraints on a playlist: at least 45 songs (a solution to fill the remaining list is available) and no more than 3 songs from each artist. Once the playlist meets the minimum requirements, you can start enjoying your very own radio station. The songs are played out in random order. There is also a desktop flash application for finetune which you can download. You can also embed a playlist in your blog/website. In addition to custom made playlists, you can declare yourself a fan of a certain artist. This adds that artist to your favorite artists list. Each artist has it’s own radio station that plays music from that artist and other similar ones. There is also a tag based radio station system. Here are a few snapshots of the desktop application:

Finetune Desktop Favourite artists

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